Author Introduction (Jordan W Jones)

Keeping reptiles has been a passion of mine since getting my first ever Corn Snake, Tango, over 15 years ago. These days I am less involved with the reptile community as a whole, but just as passionate about keeping reptiles and helping keepers new and established. Now I have my reptile blog Reptile Keep where I can express my opinions, share my experience, and possibly bore you all!

  • Age: 29 years old
  • Keeping experience: 15 + years
  • Favourite reptile currently kept: Blue Tongue Skink
  • Dream reptile: Black and White Tegu
My work with Reptile Keep

As the founder of Reptile Keep, I manage the website, social media, ideas, direction, and much more, however, ultimately I am a blog writer first and everything else second. The purpose of my blog is to provide helpful information and experience from the perspective of an everyday keeper and reptile enthusiast, which is exactly what I am.

My keeping experience

I have been keeping reptiles for over 15 + years, I consider myself an experienced keeper but by no means an expert. I believe keeping reptiles is a constant learning game, our knowledge about animals and the care they require constantly changes and as keepers, we have to ingest that information and adapt our care around it.

Reptiles I currently keep

If you want to know more about the animals currently in my collection, head over to the blog post below where you will find all the details of my collection and some interesting facts.

Personal gallery